Chef AJ Has Been a Guest on 50+ Podcast Episodes

  1. Life After Sugar
  2. The Unprocessed Journey with Chef AJ and Glen Merzer
  3. iEat Green Interview with Chef AJ
  4. Plant Powered Chef AJ Brings the Energy – Hungry People
  5. It’s All About Food – Chef AJ with Glen Merzer: Unprocessed, 10th Anniversary Edition
  6. PLANTSTRONG with Rip Esselstyn – Chef AJ shares the REAL secrets of weight loss
  7. No Meat Athlete Radio – Chef AJ on Caloric Density, and the Healthy Way to Lose Weight
  8. Vegan Stories with Chef AJ
  9. The Vegan Life Coach Podcast: EP 78: No Holds Barred with Chef AJ
  10. Radiant Body Recovery – Overcome Food Addiction & Binge Eating with Chef AJ
  11. Lean With Plants: Interview with Chef AJ (Giving up Processed Foods!)
  12. The Rich Roll Podcast: Ultimate Weight Loss Secrets With Chef AJ
  13. Learn True Health with Ashley James: Chef AJ Shares About Weight Loss
  14. Switch4Good: Chef AJ Shares How She Lost 50 LBS & Food Addiction
  15. The Exam Room by the Physicians Committee: The Truth About Weight Loss
  16. Feeling Full: Simple Prep for Beating Social Pressure and Sugar Cravings with Chef AJ
  17. Unsweetened Sio: Abstinence is Bliss with Chef AJ
  18. Mastering Diabetes Audio Experience: The Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss with Chef AJ
  19. Calorie Conundrum Podcast: Exploring Calorie Density with Chef AJ
  20. No-Bullsh!t Vegan: Chef AJ & Glen Merzer on the Science of Low-Fat Plant-Based Diets
  21. Lean With Plants: Interview with Chef AJ (setting yourself up for success)
  22. The Boondocks Podcast: Chef AJ & Ultimate Weight Loss
  23. vidalSPEAKS: Chef AJ – The Secret to Weight Loss & Great Health All at Once!
  24. Food Heals: How to Achieve Vibrant Health and Your Ideal Weight with Chef AJ
  25. Veggie Doctor Radio: Chef AJ – Bold and Unstoppable
  26. Eat To Live Daily: Watch Me Eat To Live – Food Addiction & Eating Disorder with Chef AJ
  27. The Sonya Looney Show: Healthy Weight Loss and Food Addiction with Chef AJ
  28. Big Change The Film Podcast: Chef AJ
  29. Thrive Bites: Sugar Addict to Vegan Chef & Instructor with Chef AJ
  30. Healthy For My Purpose: Overcoming Emotional Eating and Food Addiction with Chef AJ
  31. Solutionary Vegan LEVEL-UP Podcast: Chef AJ: How can we each make a difference?
  32. Plantarion Podcast: Chef AJ Discusses Her Experience with Plant-Based Living
  33. Plant Yourself: Embrassing a Plant-Based Lifestyle: Chef AJ – Unprocessed
  34. Reset Renew Revive: Chef AJ
  35. Fresh Leaf Forever: Incorporating a Weight Loss Regimen and Living a Vibrant Life
  36. IBD Heal: How Chef AJ Healed Pre-Cancerous Polyps!
  37. Plant-Based Briefing: Chef AJ’s Incredible Weight Loss Story
  38. Health And Mora With Dr. Laurie Marbas: Chef AJ: Bringing Joy To Health
  39. The Victoria Moran Podcast: Meetings With Remarkable Women – Chef AJ & Glen Merzer
  40. Plant-Based Eating for Health: Guide to Ultimate Weight Loss with Chef AJTHE Honey GOOD Interviews: Chef AJ
  41. The Sentient Media Podcast: Chef AJ: The Future of Food and Plant-Based Cooking
  42. Empire Longevity Podcast with Dr. Otto Janke: Chef AJ: Eat Your Damn Vegetables!
  43. The SmartyPlants Podcast: Interview with Chef AJ
  44. Plant Trainers Podcast: Plant Based Nutrition & Fitness with Chef AJ
  45. The Rheumatoid Solutions Podcast: Making Simple Foods Delicious with Chef AJ
  46. No Meat Athlete Radio: Chef AJ and the Secret to Losing Weight
  47. Eat Real to Heal Podcast: Why elimination diets don’t work and find what makes you cry
  48. MindBodySpirit: The Laura Theodore Podcast: Chef AJ
  49. Food is Impact with GLEN MERZER